This page lists and links resources that I create and/or curate.


Much of my work is computational, and methods focused, meaning I’ve had to developed strategies to try and keep myself organized, while trying to do robust and accessible science.

In doing so, I have collected, curated, and created various resources to help try to organize my own work, and share it with others, which are listed and made available here.


I sometimes create animated visualizations to help demonstrate and explain methods and analyses.

You might see these visualizers show up on my blog, on twitter, and/or in individual projects.

Oscillation Methods Visualizers

A collection of animated gifs for the Oscillation Methods project, describing methodological considerations for measuring and interpreting periodic neural activity.

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Digital Signal Processing Visualizers

A collection of animated plots and gifs for topics related to digital signal processing (DSP), especially as it relates to neural data.

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Interactive Oscillation Visualization

A small set of interactive visualizations about some common ideas in electrophysiology and time series analysis.

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Open Lists

OpenLists is a collection of lists of available resources on for doing open science.

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The open lists include:

Structured Science

StructuredScience is a collection of tools, templates, and tips for organizing research projects.

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Templates available on StructuredScience include: