Code & Resources

This page contains links to code projects I work on, as well as resources I create and curate.


In my work, I write a lot of computer code, mostly in the Python programming language. I try to always follow ‘open-source’ practices, making most of my code public. This includes openly software tools (listed below), code for my research projects (see the research page), and code used for courses that I teach (see the teaching page).

My code is on Github, including on my personal page, the VoytekLab page, and is indexed here.

Open-Source Packages

Below are a list of open-source Python packages that I work on.

FOOOF: Fitting Oscillations & One-Over F

I am the lead developer of FOOOF, a tool for parameterizing neural power spectra.

FOOOF is a method for spectral parameterization, which takes in frequency representations of neural data, and parameterizes them into periodic and aperiodic components.

Github - Documentation - Pypi

NeuroDSP: Neuro digital signal processing

I am a co-developer of NeuroDSP, a tool for analyzing and simulating neural time series.

NeuroDSP is a set of digital signal processing (DSP) tools, designed to be used for neural time series, including filtering, spectral analysis, time-frequency analysis, burst detection and more.

Github - Documentation - Pypi

LISC: Literature Scanner

I am the lead developer of LISC, a tool for collecting and analyzing scientific literature.

LISC connects to available APIs, such as for the Pubmed database, and offers functionality to collect scientific literature articles from them, with tools to analyze the collected results.

Github - Documentation - Pypi


The following are resources that may be useful for organized, robust, open science, including resources I have created, and curated links to external sources.

Open Lists

I keep a public collection of available resources on OpenLists, which are listed here.

The open lists include:

Structured Science

I also collect and develop resources and templates for doing organized research projects.

Mostly, this includes templates, including:


I also sometimes create visualizations for projects and methods, including the following projects.

Digital Signal Processing Visualizers

I sometimes create animated plots and gifs for topics related to digital signal processing (DSP), especially as it relates to neural data. You might see these visualizers show up on my blog or on my twitter. These visualizations are also available, with associated available, in this repository.

Interactive Oscillation Visualization

This website contains a small set of interactive visualizations about some common ideas in electrophysiology and time series analysis. The source code is available here.